About us

We are a group of independent trekking guides here in Nepal. Our goal is to offer and share with you our experiences from the beautiful Himalayan mountains and make this trip an unforgettable experience of a life time. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the area and local culture and therefore we want to make sure you get to the country in the most authentic way possible. We always like to interact with locals and travel off the beaten treks to avoid the tourist crowds.
We are government approved authorised license holders as well as active members of Trekking Guides Association of Nepal (TGAN). We are here to help you to create the best tailor made itinerary that suits your time, budget, fitness level, and interest.
Even though we take trekking seriously going with us into the mountains also means a lot of fun. All we want it for you to have the best time possible.


Why Us

1. With us you get the top service with fraction of the price if you go through an agency
2. Forget large groups of people with different fitness levels and interests - you will get a private guide and customised intenerary to fit all your personal needs
3. We ensure the journey is safe without taking any risks
4. All of us speak English very well
5. We are all Nepali guys born and bread who love their country and we love to share the knowledge of this land. The more questions are asked the happier we are.
6. We have all the legalities needed - all the certificates, government papers. You are in hands of the professionals.
7. We are also tough - no need for hiring an extra porter, each one of us can help you with up to 7kg of your stuff
8. We won't be taking you the usual tourist way - you will experience Nepal and the Himalayas from a much more authentic point of view
9. Choosing us your guides you get to help local economy as we are all Nepalis living here
10. We will be available for you 24/7 during the entire trek. We are always here for you.

Meet our guides

Asha has been guiding in the Himalayas since 2013. He has all the certifications needed - a licence from the National Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NATHM), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as well as a member of Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN). After high school graduation in science from Kathmandu Valley College, he found more interest and fascination in the corners of the hills and mountains rather than in lab. Asha had joined the industry first as a porter and then gradually turned into a guide. He possesses an excellent verbal and written English skills and he also manages to get by in Korean.
He has done all the major treks such as Everest, Annapurna and Manaslu several times over the years. He has also been to more remote areas such as the Kanchenjunga district and Upper Mustang. He has worked with people from all over the world including Europe, United States, Australia, Korea, China, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
What Asha is the most praised for are his responsible and gentle manners. He is probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and we could not have been prouder to have such a young, energetic, and likeable guide as a part of our team.
Apart from guiding, Asha is in charge of all the correspondence with clients due to high great communication skills.
When he is not trekking he likes to read motivational books and is interested in the Nepali fauna - especially the Chitwan tigers.


Lila Bahadur Gurung
"Every time I trek, I find something new and charming. That is the reason I fell in love with trekking."

Lila has been guiding since 2000. He is an authorized and government approved trekking guide. Over the years of working in the industry has has gained invaluable experience making him an expert in this field.
Lila has started first started like many other guides first as a porter and worked his way up to being one of the most accomplished guides in this region. There pretty much isn't a trek in the Himalayas which Lila hasn't been to making him one of the most versatile guides out there. But it is not just his knowledge and guiding skills that he is good at. His simple, friendly and helpful nature has won over many clients hearts.
Lila has worked with clients from all over the world over the years. He speaks English well and also manages to get by in Japanese. In spare time he likes to do carpentry and finds serenity while working on the fields around his home near Kathmandu.
His reliability, kind nature and good attitude is making him a vital member of our team and we couldn't be happier to have him on board.


Khusang Tamang " Laughing Buddha"
"The beauty of this country never fails to impress me. The more I trek here the more I think of how lucky I am. "

Khusang has spent almost two decades exploring all Himalayan trekking trails. Like all of our guides he has got authorized license from the government of Nepal, and he has a guide training from National Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NATHM). In his early days he started as an altitude worker. Over the time with added experience and head strong dedication he turned into an excellent and renowned guide in the city. Being born and bread in the Annapurna Region he knows the area upside down which is making him an expert trekking guide for Annapurna treks as well as Manaslu. Over all these years her has worked with clients from all over the world. His English is great making him a suitable guide for anyone.
What is his biggest charm is his sense of humour. He is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and he sees the positive and fun side of things in every occasion. With his hard work nature, unbeatable knowledge of all the trails and fun personality he makes a great guide for anyone and we couldn't be prouder to have as one of our guides. During his free time Khusang loves to enjoy fun time with his family and he expanding his skills with learning the Dutch language.


Marcel Zitnik, Coordinator
"Nepal is not only about the mountains, it's mainly about the people."


I have been working in travel industry for more than ten years travelling the world. Even though I have seen many places Nepal has become my heart destination long time ago. At the beginning I started trekking with Khushang, later one I have done several treks with Asha. As professional in this industry I know these guides offer excellent service and their knowledge of the treks and the country itself is incomparable with other guides around. Trekking with them makes takes a trip in the Himalayas to a whole different level. As a person who can not stand crowds, likes a private experience and takes things at my own pace, I found help of local guys in Nepal vital for a great trekking experience. Furthermore guides' knowledge and expertise make the trek more informative, authentic and fun compared to trekking alone or in a large group. After spending time with the guys and knowing how much potential they have I thought that I can advise them on how to compete with large international travel. These guys have so much more to offer to people with a fracture of the price. I try to assist them in preparing their services for clients who look for independent, reliable and affordable guides in Nepal.